Earth Location for Android / Java Mobile 94

Mobile android phone tracking:
Ideal for business or families.

Online and Offline Mode aviable.

Altitude, Latitude, Longitude direct View.

Stores Track Files in CSV Excel Format.

Server based realtime tracking of remote devices.


Revolutionary GPS + Cell ID mobile phone tracking technology, allows registered users to locate and watch the route of their mobiles in realtime from everywhere in the world.

For Example:

Your Children is on the way to school.
At same time you could see over internet via Geo Maps wich streets and locations your Children use.

Earth location realtime mobile phone tracking system via the GPS-TRACK satellite network.

Based on GPS repeater triangulation.

The system tracks mobile phones using GPS and Java ME.

Find your mobile.

Worried where your children, car, items are?
Anxious if they stay out late?

Free Registration to get peace of mind by discreetly tracking your mobile phone with Earth Location Tracking service from Internet Cafe in realtime!


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